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Join us for our fun, challenging and invigorating workouts across Shropshire.  To book, simply click the button below and browse our locations and package deals!

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10x PAYG sessions for £60.00

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3 months unlimited access for £130.00

6 months unlimited access for £250.00

1:1 and 1:2 personal training sessions available throughout the week at £50.00/hr.

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INDE-Fit's unique running based workout will see you using your body in multiple ways across the trail, track and pavement, this session will see you running intervals, hills and short distances, mixed with functional training and running specific drills that are designed to make you a fitter, faster and stronger runner.  If you are a formula one car driver and your body is the car, your normal run (if indeed you do one) is the action of the car driving laps, at some point you will need to come into the Pit Crew to make the car more efficient, faster and more effective... in this instance, INDE-RUN is the pit crew.


High Intensity, multi station circuits are a perfect way to get a full body workout and celebrate how your body is born to move.  You will run, jump, push, pull, throw and press your way around these multiple stations sing a plethora of kit and equipment from body weight to barbells and everything in-between.  Each session will be different to keep you guessing and maximise your training benefit.


Strength comes in many forms, here at INDE-Fit we firmly believe in General Physical Preparedness, which translates to being fit and strong for life.  In our INDE-Strong sessions, the intensity will be lower, but the emphasis will be on strength and power as we fine tune each workout out to embrace functional fitness.  Each session will also have an element of safety and coaching for barbell work, for those who have never used the equipment before. 


INDE-Fit's signature workout is designed to bring together everything from the week's training sessions into a fun, complex and challenging group workout.  Whether working in small teams or collectively on individual stations, this workout is both gruelling and rewarding all at once.  Forged from over 10 years experience in the British Army, as a global expedition leader to the extremes of the planet and through record breaking physical events, Ben's imagination runs wild with these Saturday sessions.

Sunday's in Shrewsbury are followed by a coffee and cake stop at our local coffee shops with our coffee shop of the month scheme.