The INDE-Fit Challenge that will change your life, forever.

Have you ever wondered if there was more you could give? 

Have you ever wanted to improve your fitness and strength?

Have you tried and failed to get on top of your nutrition?

Do you need a challenge to push you, to reward you and to give you something to aim for?

Welcome to the #BeIndefatigable Challenge.

This is the ONLY challenge that will push you to grow, to get fitter and stronger, to demystify your nutrition and show you how to live healthier.

If you want to give your all to 2022, this is your chance.

#BeIndefatigable Challenge

Starting at 19:00 on the 5th June 2022









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adjective formal
Always determined and energetic in trying to achieve something and never willing to admit defeat:
You will become an indefatigable force with INDE-Fit

What is included in the #BeIndefatigable Challenge 

I immediately engaged with Ben's fresh and knowledgeable approach towards nutrition and fitness. His advice is genuine and not 'pushy', actually all the suggestions come from his own experience.

I feel so much more empowered and informed compared to the start of this journey and because of that I can't recommend Ben's services more highly!

6 Week Challenge

Transform your Fitness, Mindset and Nutrition with 6 weeks of accountability.

Nutrition Coaching

Bring out your healthiest self, lose weight and demystify your nutrition.

Fitness Training

Follow our system of Human Athlete Conditioning at home or in the gym.

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I wanted to improve my nutrition (I am Veggie) to make sure I was fuelled correctly to achieve my goals, to run a marathon distance and eventually progress to an ultra. His knowledge is second to none! He also educated me on a how to create (with his help) and progress my own training plan to fit in with these goals. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with Ben if you want to be better informed on nutrition, strength workouts and training plans. 

Nutrition Coaching

Full disclosure nutrition coaching with nothing held back.  Here you will go on a journey to fully understand what makes up your food, the impact it has on the body and the what to put in your shopping trolley every week.

This is ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED TO KNOW about your nutrition for daily health.

Physical Challenges

Training programmes, weekly challenges and activities that will push you to grow, to develop and to become a stronger version of you.  Each exercise can be done in the gym, at home or within the INDE-Fit outdoor fitness classes.

Here you will learn about how to build strength, how to lose fat and reduce your risk of life-induced injury.

Mindset and Habits

Tie all of the physical training and nutrition together with challenges, tasks and coaching that will help you develop a more resilient mind, foster a positive attitude and develop a system of habits that fit to your unique situation.

Here you will learn how to sustain and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle forever, when you might not have a coach holding you accountable.

Do something you can be proud of...

Are you done with yo-yo dieting and getting on and off the motivation train for exercise?

Do you want to start fresh and not just be given the tools, but guided through how to use them?

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I reached out to Ben after realising that I was losing my way with my health, fitness and weight. I had gone from a super fit person to a gradually expanding desk-sitter and I realised that my own attempts to fix it were just resulting in yo-yos in my weight and general health.

Over the 6 weeks I lost 6kg of fat, I look and feel more like me again. In fact, I feel great and the main thing is, it wasn't a huge radical programme that I can't sustain. It was small changes that I even enjoyed and can stick with for a healthier life.




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  • The challenge that is NOT all about fat loss, but about changing your life, forever.
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Within our six weeks working together, I have lost 7.5Kg, and I've not once felt that I was on a "diet". I've been able to implement practical "rules of thumb" for everyday living, all of which are backed by Ben's in-depth knowledge and expertise on nutrition. Great service, highly recommended.

I felt really well looked after, Ben is approachable and genuine. I am the fittest I've ever felt and have dispelled so many nutritional myths I had been harbouring for years like cutting carbs, fasted training, and weight loss.

Questions?  Here are some common ones... 

Don't Put Your Health Off ANYMORE.


I am here to help you, let me not only give your the tools you need, but show you how to use them.

There will never be a better time than now.

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