Welcome to the INDE-Fit Mountain of the Month


Every month we will head off to the hills on our Mountain of the Month experience.

Included in the day will be a fully guided day out, a packed lunch  supplied from local Shropshire businesses, and a wild swim after.

You are responsible for your transport to and from the start point of each hill walk, which will be emailed to you upon booking.

These days will not target the North Face of the Eiger, nor will we be setting speed records, we will be following designated pathways, getting together with great people, sharing thoughts, stories and experiences as we summit our rocky neighbours.

No hill walking experience needed but some days will be more strenuous than others.  A green tick denotes EASY routes and an orange tick denotes MODERATE routes.  Please note that there are no group based HARD or SEVERE routes. 

I highly recommend you have some good strong walking boots. As a footwear nerd myself, I would be happy to assist in advice and choosing if it helps.

Upon booking, you will be added to the Hill Walking WhatsApp group to be introduced to your fellow group members and to share any lifts, questions and last minute details (as well as pictures after our day out) as necessary.


Welcome to the plan of guided hill days for 2023 as the Mountain of the Month.  These hill days are included in the Adventure Coach membership free of charge.

There are options to book your own private day for groups and clubs etc, please email [email protected] directly for bespoke booking enquiries.


Click the picture link below to book your preferred date