Ben Turner High Performance Nutrition Coaching Voucher Christmas

LIMITED Christmas Vouchers

offers Dec 14, 2020

Stuck for Christmas ideas?  Why not give the perfect excuse to follow through on our new year’s resolutions coming into 2021?  2020 has been a tough year and what we don’t need coming into 2021 is the short term ‘new year, new me’ approach where we fizzle out after the first few weeks.

I have a limited number of gift vouchers available for January where we will walk through everything you need to start the year working towards a heathier and better version of you, combined with the habits required to keep the momentum and make long standing change.

Each voucher includes:

  1. 1:1 bespoke consultation to get to know you, understand your lifestyle, your requirements, what has or has not worked in the past, your motivations, and your current knowledge.
  2. 1:1 personalised evidence-based nutrition coaching to forge a healthier version of you and empower you with the knowledge of what makes up the food we eat and how it effects the body.
  3. Weekly fitness coaching and access to our exercise video library to build a fitter, stronger and more robust body, able to take on what the year gives us. Centred on you, these exercises can be done in or out of the gym, around your family and work commitments and maximise whatever time you have available.
  4. Weekly accountability and evidence-based mindset coaching to help sustain habits for a healthier and more active lifestyle, bringing out the best in your performance for 2021.
  5. One-month free access to the membership group, FB community and the vault of resources to further develop heathy eating habits, performance nutrition, exercise anywhere and everywhere and the best mindset training research in the world.
  6. Access to the January LIVE group training, equipping you with new habits to take into the next month.

I am immensely proud of this service as its everything I do, combined into one voucher.  I am only doing a few of these to ensure I can deliver maximum value to those involved.

So, give the gift of health, fitness and vitality for 2021 this Christmas… or, you know, just get it for yourself and put it under the tree…. No one will know…

Check it out here!