The #BeIndefatigable Challenge

Join the 6 week course that will change your kickstart your journey to a healthier, stronger, and more resilient YOU. 
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The Shrewsbury 6am Club

Get the Full Outdoor Mobile Gym Experience 6 Days a Week In Frankwell, Shrewsbury!
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Bespoke Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset Coaching

Have specific goals and requirements?  Want to join the famous #BeIndefatigable Challenge? Check out availability and services here 
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Mountain Of the Month

Monthly guided hill and mountain hikes with lunch and a wild swim (optional) across Shropshire, Snowdonia and the Peak District.
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World Class Personal Training

Group classes, personal training and bespoke coaching to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, build a resilient mind and make the rest of your life the healthiest of your life.

Nutrition Coaching You Can Trust

No-nonsense nutrition coaching to help you understand what makes up your food, the impact that food has on your body, and what to put in your shopping trolley!

Close Knit Community and Support Network

Whether joining the online membership or an outdoor fitness class, you are welcomed into a life changing community to support your progress and growth.

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Client Success

"Ben took an incredibly pragmatic and tailor-made approach to help me figure out how best to eat for the specific targets that I've had for some time but never quite been able to achieve. Ben spent time figuring out all the angles that might help me achieve and or derail my goals and then offered me a succinct but simple nutrition plan to help me succeed."
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From £7.00

Outdoor Fitness Classes

  • Outdoor Fitness at 6am, 6 days a week! 
  • 8am on Saturdays - I am not that cruel!
  • Based in Frankwell Main Car Park and County Field
  • £7.00 per session with bulk session offers
  • £45 per month unlimited access
  • 10x sessions for £60
  • All abilities welcome
  • You are NEVER too unfit to start
  • It is NOT too late to start
  • Mornings are fun, honest!
  • Pre-booking required  



Guided mountain walks with lunch and wild swims!

  • New  hike every month!
  • Join a different mountain and hill route each month
  • Packed lunch and obligatory cake included!
  • Wild swims will be optional for each walk, it's entirely up to you!
  • Navigation training packaged available
  • Join a group of likeminded people on a steady pace hike
  • No speed records or North Face climbs, these are challenging by achievable hikes
  • Centred on North Wales, Shropshire, and the Peak District



RESTART your Health and Fitness, The Right Way

  • 6 week challenge to transform your life
  • FULL nutrition coaching to demystify your nutrition, FOREVER
  • Progressive physical training for the gym or at home
  • Weekly challenges that will push your comfort zone and build mental resilience.
  • Join a full community for the challenge and build lasting friendships
  • Build a resilient mind
  • 100% weekly accountability 

Client Success

"Ben had such a positive impact on my life. He opened my mind and helped me to see that my old ideas & beliefs were holding me back from having a conscious healthy & happy relationship with food. I feel so grateful for his teaching and effort to raise my kind awareness."
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From humble beginnings as a chef and British Army soldier, to an ultra endurance athlete and expedition leader, Ben has forged a wealth of experience in real-world fitness, nutrition, health and mindset. 

Now with INDE-fit, Ben will demystify your nutrition, help you get fit for life, and bring your best, healthiest self into today.

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